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Pre-School in White River

Few people understand the love parents have for their children like we do - You can trust us with your Little Lamb.

We are Proud to be a Creative Arts Pre-School in White River

A safe haven for pupils from 2 to 6 years and we have a Grade R class

If you're looking for a Pre-School in White River, you're probably overwhelmed with a decision, as we all have your children's best interests at heart. Leaving your child with anyone is difficult, so you want to know that you can trust the caregiver and that your child is in good hands. We are also one of the Feeder Pre-Schools to Penryn, Uplands & our pupils get preference at White River Primary.

Each & every pre-school in White River is fantastic and each has their own strengths, so your choice of where to place your child will be a difficult one. The fact is that if you want a strong Christian foundation for your child, we focus on providing that. It is true that every pre-school in White River also offers bible study and teach the word of God, but we plan our days around worshipping the Lord.

Every morning starts with prayer, and we pray before each meal. Our teachers read from a piece of scripture every day, as our curriculum includes Bible study as a dedicated activity. Our Little Lambs are taught to respect prayer times and they are given the opportunity to pray out loud if they wish to do so.

The grace of God shines through our little lambs and they let it show wherever they go. The little lambs that are not necessarily from Christian homes are welcomed by our pupils and made to feel just as important and loved. It is true that every pre-school in White River is governed by Christian foundations, but Little Lambs does not discriminate against other religions.

We strive to give all our pupils the very best start in life by being a caring and educational pre-school in White River. Providing a safe environment for your child is not our only priority. We are focused on their development and offer educational, as well as arts and crafts activities for our pupils. Our little lambs are the future and we believe in nurturing their minds.

We are a Feeder Pre-School to Penryn, White River, Uplands % Surrounding Schools

Early Childhood Development is more than just a job to us; We make sure that our pupils are emotionally and intellectually ready for primary school.

It is our hope that Little Lambs Pre-school would be the premiere choice of pre-school in White River, embracing all colours and cultures, with a solid Christian foundation for building of character. We exist to provide a safe haven and a place of nurturing in terms of health, academics, art and learning through play. We do what we do because we are passionate about our children who are our present, and more importantly, our future!