We are More than just a Pre-School

Looking Back

We’ve always been Open & Honest, Consistent & Committed to Christ!

Little Lambs Pre-School originated as a small Christian Playgroup in 2002 and rapidly grew through the years. In 2003, we gained the necessary approval to expand from 35 to 60 children and were registered as a pre-school. By 2004, we employed another qualified teacher to teach our fourth classroom.

We also started a computer center in 2004, purchasing 3 computers for the weekly classes given by our teachers here at Little Lambs. The children enjoy it thoroughly and we see it as a fundamental part of their education considering the technological era we live in. Being introduced to computers at an early age helps to build confidence with this technology and the programs used are educational and fun. Our teachers have done the Step-by-Step Early Childhood Development Courses which helps to make learning fun.

Our excellent reputation and good standing in the area has assisted us in building a strong relationship with the other schools and our pupils receive preference at White River Primary; we are also a feeder pre-school to Uplands, Penryn and Manthano Christian School.

At Present

Team Work, Continual Training and Innovation is what makes us tick!

Our current location is at 18 Eland Street in White River. We are operating from a beautiful Spanish Castle next to a natural stream and we enjoy spending time outside.

Becoming a creative arts preschool has been a wonderful step in our journey and the CREARE team offers Dance, Art & Music lessons weekly. We also have an atelier where our pupils can paint on reams of full body length paper against a wall with any body part they wish to use – paint brushes optional. Messy play is more than fun, it's a learning experience!

Our main attributes for success has to be that we thrive on honesty & integrity. We have an excellent curriculum and we are known as one of the cleanest and most hygienic pre-schools in White River. To all of us here at Little Lambs, pre-school is not about babysitting, it's about capacity & nation building.

Our teachers are all trained in Early Childhood Development Courses and qualified to give all the age groups the stimulation and education they deserve.

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More About Us

Our teachers have all done Step-by-Step Early Childhood Development Courses

Our little pre-school is special in many ways, because we do things a little differently. We only have a few children in each class and our teachers love each child as their own.

We learn through play, i.e. building puzzles, drawing, painting and playing with a wide variety of educational toys. It is integral to the optimum development of every child. Little Lambs likes to see the creative arts as part of our curriculum. We're the only pre-school in White River with a newly built atelier. It is a place where your child can experience some creative arts therapy.

Giving to the community and helping children in need is our passion and we do so because we have an unmatched passion for children.

We've also started a NPO few years back to help teachers in less advantaged areas; we sponsor the curriculum for their school and the teacher's training in the

Step-by-Step Early Childhood Development Courses.

We also provide them with accommodation for the duration of the course to cut out traveling costs. It is a passion we share and we strongly believe that pre-school education is a fundamental part of building a better nation.

More about the Step-by-Step Early Childhood Development Courses

At Our pre-school, we strive to help other teachers gain access to this tried and tested curriculum. We continually seek ways to sponsor teachers to attend the workshop and to donate the curriculum to less privileged schools. We believe in the children of today and the Step-by-Step Early Childhood Development Courses help to educate children from all over the country to reach their full potential.